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Traveling With a Baby: A Free Checklist

Traveling With a Baby: A Free Checklist

Traveling with a baby in tow is enough to turn even the most calm and collected mama into a twitching, nervous shadow of her former self. Remember that old girl guide mantra be prepared, it couldn’t be more appropriate when you face the prospect of traveling half way across the world sans bub and/or toddler.

The truth is that providing you have the basics in place, you’ll find flying with a baby no different from handling everyday life with bub. Yes, there will be poop, there will be tears and there may be a total meltdown or two, but hey, us mamas are more than used to all that right? 

Our free checklist for traveling with a baby contains everything you know to avoid the freak outs and arrive at your destination with at least a semblance of sanity in tact.

Take it in your stride mama… YOU CAN DO THIS.

Checklist for Traveling With a Baby


Travelling with a baby checklist


To print out the checklist, simply click on the image above to open a PDF version of the file.

Checklist for Traveling With a Baby: Text Version

If your would prefer our checklist for traveling with a baby in a plain-text version, here is it:

Things You Will Need for Baby
Baby carrier or sling. These present a viable alternative to a pushchair for infants and allow you to keep your hands free while traveling.Food and drinks. Bring sufficient food, drinks and formulae/breast milk (if you intend expressing in advance) to last the entire journey. Make sure you take extra in case of delays.
Bibs. Consider taking disposable bibs then you will have plenty on hand and won’t need to carry soiled bibs around with you.Medication. If your baby is taking any medication be sure to take this with you. Put it in your carry-on luggage so that you know you are guaranteed access to it, even if your hold luggage is lost.
Bottles. Take at least three sanitized bottles.Plastic bags. Take along some fairly large sealable bags for disposing of any soiled nappies and dirty clothing that accumulates along the way.
Change of clothing. Accidents do happen and you really do not want to be landed with a messy baby! You may wish to consider taking a change of clothing for yourself.Rash cream. Take a small amount of rash cream with you for the journey and purchase more when you arrive. If you usually use big bottles of rash cream buy a small empty bottle and fill this with your usual cream before the journey.
Diapers / Nappies. Take enough to get you through the journey plus a couple of spares. You can purchase the rest when you arrive at your destination.Wipes. These will be useful for changing baby’s nappy as well as cleaning up any spills along the way. You may also wish to use these instead of burp cloths during the journey in order to cut down on the amount of items you take.
Entertainment. Select a couple of baby’s books and toys to take with you. Try and choose the ones that take up the least amount of space. Bedtime lotion. If you regularly apply any lotion or potion at bedtime as part of the sleepy routine, don’t forget to pack (also take a small amount in your hand luggage).
Other Useful Items
Camera. It will be great to document baby’s first flight.Emergency numbers. Take your paediatrician’s number with you. See our guide to useful Singapore numbers for new parents (
Car seat pillow. This will be useful for supporting baby’s head as he or she sleeps.Hand sanitizer. Take a travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer, the type that doesn’t require any water.
Changing pad. You may wish to consider taking a changing pad so that you can be assured of a clean place to change your baby throughout the journey. 

Have we missed anything? Give us a shout and let us know.

If you would like to use our checklist on your own site absolutely free of charge, copy and paste the code below.

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