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The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Life as a New Mama in Singapore

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Life as a New Mama in Singapore

The ultimate new mama survival guide

So you’ve done the hard bit and given birth to a beautiful bouncing baby. Now what? If you suddenly get a feeling of desperation soon after finally bringing baby home for the first time, you won’t be alone by any means. In Singapore, there is no midwife or health visitor calling round to check on mama and bub; and if you’re living here as an expat, there will be no parents beating down the door to lend a helping hand either. Nope, its probably just you, your husband and, for the lucky ones, a helper (preferably one that has been there, done that, a good few times before).

However, fear not. Help IS out there. Ever the bearer of good news, here’s our lowdown on some great post natal care services in Singapore that are ready and willing to lend you a helping hand.

1) Confinement Ladies and Pui Yuet

A list of the best confinement nannies in SIngapore

When I was pregnant everyone shared the same pearl of wisdom: “rest while you can.” This was great advice but, quite frankly, it soon because apparent that it was completely useless. It doesn’t matter how much you rest, hours of childbirth later and you’re a knackered shell of your former self. One of the best ways tired mamas can recuperate and rejuvenate after the tolls of pregnancy and labour is through using the services of a confinement nanny, or pui yuet (companion for the month), as they are also known. A great confinement lady will support you in the few weeks after giving birth, hopefully making your life much easier and helping you to come to terms with your newly earned mama status. Choose one carefully though, not all pui yuet are created equal.

Read our guide to the best pui yuet in Singapore: Confinement nannies in Singapore


2) Child Wellbeing Checks

Every parent worries about bub’s development. Is baby too small? Too big? Eating too much? Not eating enough? The list of concerns that run through the average mama and dada’s heads is seemingly endless. Sometimes all you need is a little assurance that everything is going to plan and that, no, your baby isn’t going to be massively obese in the future just because she’s feeding day and night. Stop by Mother and Child at Tanglin Mall and you’ll get the support your looking for, and maybe even a reassuring pat on the back.

Mother and Child Drop-in Clinic Tanglin Mall

Mother and Child’s Drop-in Clinic offers mama and dada a great place to check on up bub’s weight and growth while also having an opportunity to seek expert advice and access some much-needed support.

When: Mondays 09:30-13:00; Wednesdays 09:30-13:00; First and third Saturday of every month 11:00-13:00.
Where: Tanglin Mall
Cost: $35


3) Postnatal Massage and Wraps

Jamu massage list of services

When mama feels nurtured, rejuvenated, and revitalised, everyone around her is going to benefit. A series of sessions of Jamu postnatal massage and abdominal binding can work wonders for the tired, bloated, post-pregnancy you. Luckily, if you’re interested in post-natal massage you’re in the right place, Singapore has a wide range of experts that will get you back in tip-top condition in no time.

Read our guide to the best post-natal masseurs in Singapore: Post-natal jamu massage


4) Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal yoga classes in singapore

Mother and baby yoga does pretty much what it says on the tin. Some Mamas even bring their baby along to the session and strike some serious poses using bub as a prop. Postnatal yoga is great for strengthening your core and regaining your strength following pregnancy.

Read our guide to the best post-natal masseurs in Singapore: Postnatal Yoga Singapore


5) Mother and Baby Fitness Classes

Mother and baby fitness classes in Singapore

The Duchess of Cambridge does us new mamas no favours. Emerging from the palace gates just weeks after giving birth looking in amazing shape, she motivated many a mama to jump back on the treadmill and banish the post-pregnancy bulge. Those of us who don’t have personal trainers, butlers, and nannies on tap, are forced to hunt down fitness classes that welcome a slobbering, crying, breastfeeding bub. Luckily, there are a number of great classes on offer in Singapore who won’t bat an eyelid if you show up with baby in tow.

Read more: The Best Mother and Baby Fitness Classes in Singapore


6) Facebook Groups

Facebook mum

If all else fails, turn to Facebook.

Read more: Facebook Groups for Mums in Singapore


7) Confinement Food

Picture reads: Confinement food delivery services in singapore

If you don’t want to go the whole hog and hire a confinement nanny but do want to benefit from the mysterious powers of confinement food, there are some great services in Singapore that will prepare nutritious platters for you and deliver them right to your doorstep so that you can rest and recuperate from the toils of childbirth without having to even open the fridge. Pass the pig trotters and black mushrooms, please…

Read our guide to the best confinement food in Singapore: Confinement Food Delivery Services in Singapore


8) Emotional Support

Post natal depression services cover picture

A large number of new moms struggle with the emotional side of being a new mama and it is not uncommon for us fragile ladies to experience various issues after giving birth, ranging from feeling a little sad right the way through to full-blown psychosis. There are a number of services available in Singapore that are aimed at helping women who are experiencing emotional difficulties. Don’t suffer in silence; get the help you need and you will be able to enjoy the joys of mamadom much sooner.

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9) Sleep Consultations/Training

sleep like a baby?

Shortly after baby’s arrival, for the first time in your life you’ll understand why some cultures use sleep deprivation as a form of torture. There’s nothing like a lack of sleep to take a tired new mama to the brink of despair. The bad news is that things don’t get better overnight. However, there is some highly qualified, supportive help out there.

Read more: Sleep experts in Singapore


Are you a new mama?

Looking after a baby is tough, even for the most seasoned mamas. Give yourself a fighting chance by arming yourself with the best information.

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