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The Prenatal Yoga Class in Singapore That Goes Beyond Yoga

The Prenatal Yoga Class in Singapore That Goes Beyond Yoga

A new prenatal yoga class is about to launch in Singapore that aims to deliver a holistic experience. We caught up with Kate Porter Yoga to get the full lowdown on their new pre-natal class.


Singapore Baby chats to Kate Porter Yoga to get the low down on their new pre-natal class


If you’re on the lookout for a new prenatal yoga class in Singapore, look no further than the latest offering from Kate Porter Yoga (KPY).

Re-launching their prenatal yoga class in April 2016, we caught up with its owner and Chief Yogi Li Ling to find out exactly why its latest offering should be top of all pregnant mama’s list of things to do in Singapore.

Singapore Baby: Before we look at the new prenatal yoga classes, please tell us something about Kate Porter Yoga.

KPY: Kate Porter Yoga is a different type of yoga studio. We do yoga for normal people and we have been delivering this philosophy for the past seven years.

Singapore Baby: What do you mean by yoga for normal people ?

KPY: It means that regardless of your age, level of fitness, size and gender, doing yoga at KPY means respecting you for who you are. Coming to KPY is never competitive, it is not a fanatical experience, and it certainly involves zero pressure. This is especially important when you are a first-time mum or someone who needs extra care during your pregnancy; you want to be in a friendly environment that can support this.

We are passionate about people, yoga and your health. Our teachers are highly qualified and have taught for at least two years and practiced for many more before they teach at our studio. Their vast experience also means that they know how to deal with different types of bodies, pregnancies and conditions to ensure that your body is not stressed doing yoga during your pregnancy. The experience is all about you.

Singapore Baby: We hear that you’re launching a new prenatal class in April, how will this differ from the prenatal classes that you have run in the past?

KPY: Our previous class was named “Soft and Gentle”, and while it was intended specifically for pregnant women, people who were looking for a lighter workout also regularly attended the class. Pregnancy is a special phase in a woman’s life and we decided to focus this time on a class that was tailored specifically to pregnant women.

Singapore Baby: So what can we expect from the new Kate Porter Yoga prenatal class?

KPY: The new prenatal class will be much more tailored to the bodies, minds and development of pregnant mums. It is more than just a prenatal yoga session. We hope to create a relaxing, soothing and supportive environment in which a community of pregnant mums can develop a strong network that will see them through pregnancy and beyond.

One of the things that sets us apart from the rest is that KPY feels like a home away from home, where people can hang around and rest after the class and continue their peaceful experience. We have a book exchange corner, art pieces on display around the studio, and a lively boutique, which will be carrying maternity leggings soon!

We serve chilled towels and seasonally brewed teas after every class, something you don’t find in other studios. The women who attend our prenatal sessions will get more than a workout alone; they will have a chance to bond, learn from one another and get access to the knowledge and support of others.

Singapore Baby: That sounds perfect for pregnant mums! How many people can we expect per class?

KPY: We intend to create an intimate and supportive environment through which we can meet the needs of every unique participant. As such, the prenatal yoga class size will never exceed eight people.

Singapore Baby: Yoga is pretty popular in Singapore right now. What specifically are the benefits of yoga for pregnant mums?

KPY: The benefits of prenatal yoga are immense for both the baby and the mother.

Any type of light exercise during pregnancy can improve your strength levels and help you recover more quickly and easily after childbirth. One of the safest exercise options available is prenatal yoga and, providing you practice the art carefully and with appropriate instruction, you will not put your baby’s wellbeing at risk.

Just some of the benefits of prenatal yoga classes include the following:

  • Stress relief. Yoga encourages relaxation and meditation. This will help you to get through some of the more stressful periods of pregnancy and the breathing exercises that you learn in the classes will even assist you during the birth itself.
  • Relief from the discomfort of pregnancy, especially lower back pain due to weight bearing on the front body.
  • Increased strength and flexibility, especially in the legs and inner thighs would help the mum to push and find more comfort during the birth itself.
  • Safe and gentle exercise that is suitable for pregnant women.

Singapore Baby: So what can a pregnant mama expect when she attends your prenatal class for the first time? How can we be prepared?

KPY: She can expect to be fully supported, whether she is a beginner or a seasoned yogi. Our teachers are briefed on each student’s health condition, if any, ahead of every class, not just the prenatal one. So if you have any existing health challenges or concerns, please make sure that you inform the yoga teacher before the class begins.

Singapore Baby: Who will be teaching the prenatal yoga sessions?

KPY: Rowena is our lead teacher for the prenatal yoga class. As a mother of 2, she has an innate interest in prenatal yoga and her teaching ranges from conscious birthing and all-natural childbirth to tips on how to make the pregnancy more enjoyable and comfortable. Rowena’s prenatal classes are created to lessen the discomfort of the anatomical, hormonal and muscular change during the pregnancy. She sees each class as an opportunity for her to share the beautiful benefits of yoga to all, regardless of age, gender and size. With a special interest in yoga therapy and healing, Rowena sees herself as a facilitator in class. Tapping into the science of yoga, her classes emphasise on awareness and physical alignment that will help to improve overall health. You can read more about her here:

Singapore Baby: We’re sold! Any special offers for the relaunch?

KPY: The first prenatal class is kick starting on 2nd April 2016 and will cost only $35 for the trial session. Special rates will be available for further class sets purchased. Attendees will also benefit from a 10% reduction off the price of Rumi Yoga Wear’s maternity legging range, which is specifically adapted to the needs of pregnant mums. Do email to book your slot as we only take in a maximum of 8 persons.

Prenatal yoga class at Kate Porter yoga

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