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Taxis With Child Car Seats in Singapore

Taxis With Child Car Seats in Singapore

Taxis with child car seats in Singapore may be somewhat short on the ground, but there are some great options out there.


Hopping in and out of a taxi to get from A to B in Singapore is a breeze… until you have a baby in tow. Then, as with everything else, life suddenly gets so much more complicated. While legally you do not need a car seat to transport babies and young children around in Singers when travelling in a taxi (car seat laws in Singapore), the risk of a fender bender collision on the mean streets of the Red Dot is pretty high, and you really should think carefully before you transport bubs and childerbeasts without a solid car seat. 

If you’re happy to lug along your own baby car seat, check out our guide to taxi car seat solutions for toddlers. Failing that, you can arrange the services of a taxi firm that offer infant car seats as all part of the (hefty) package.

Taxis With Child Car Seats in Singapore 

Unfortunately, you’re going to pay through the nose for this option; however, it will solve all your problems. You will almost certainly need to book in advance and, when you do, you will need to make sure you provide details of your child’s weight and height to make sure you get the appropriate car seat. Fees start from around $60-$70 for a one pick-up airport run.

As of January 2017, ride-hailing services such as Grab and Uber are not exempt from rules requiring car seats for young children. As such, if you plan on using one of those services, you will need to take a suitable car seat with you.

Whatever option you run with, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and don’t take it upon yourself to make modifications to any devices/seats.

Have we missed any taxis with car seats in Singapore off our list? If you’ve got any great ideas, please leave a comment and share them with us. 


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  1. We booked with Suntransfers, and the driver arrived at 3am (!) with no seats. He told us that he’s repeatedly requested that Suntransfers remove the seat option from their site as drivers don’t have them, and everyone ends up very cross. I’ve contacted the company several times with no luck in getting this issue resolved. I felt really bad for the driver, and of course we were also stranded in the middle of the night.


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