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Surviving a Baby Fair in Singapore in Eight Simple Steps

Surviving a Baby Fair in Singapore in Eight Simple Steps

Shop up a savings storm with our quick and dirty tips for surviving a Baby Fair in Singapore.

Baby at a baby fair in singapore

The Singapore baby fair has become a rite of passage for parents in Singapore, both new and old. However, they are not certainly not for the faint-hearted. A hullabaloo of mass-consumerism, retail mayhem and heated jostling, the mere mention of the words baby fair is enough to make most mamas and dadas run for the hills. However, a little advance planning and mental preparation can make all the difference between smugly bagging a major bargain and sobbing into your hanky in a sale-exhausted mess.

Our guide to surviving a baby fair in Singapore contains seven sanity-preserving baby sale shopping tips that will ensure your hunt for bargains doesn’t resemble something you would witness in a combat sport.

Ready, set, shop!


Surviving a Baby Fair in Singapore

1) Rock up early. VERY early

The old saying the early bird gets the worm is never truer than at a baby fair in Singapore. In fact, if you’re planning on descending on the store on day one of the sale, getting there early is pretty much a necessity unless you want to miss all the real bargains. However, the bad news is that getting there early doesn’t just mean turning up 15 minutes in advance of the convention center or store opening its doors, on some occasions it even means arming yourself with a sleeping bag and a granola bar and waiting it out half the night.

Surely it will be all worth it when you bag yourself some fancy nursery furniture at a fraction of the RRP?

2) Leave the pram and kids at home

Baby saying "get to the choppa"

Trying to navigate a manic baby fair with a pram is like playing Frogger in first person. Not only will it make you extremely unpopular with other bargain hunters, it will also put bub in a seriously bad mood. If you can, find someone else to look after your offspring for the day so you can head into the battle zone with your hands free and your attention firmly on the deals. Don’t be tempted to leave bub outside the store in the pram while you sashay around the sales aisles… it has been known!

3) Dress appropriately

The average baby fair in Singapore really is about the survival of the fittest. If you want to stand half a chance of bagging those bargains, make sure you come dressed in the right gear. Forget style and fashion, dress for comfort and practicality. Ditch the heels: you are going to be queuing, waiting, queuing and waiting. Flat shoes are a must! You can also leave your jacket at home; you are bound to get hot under the collar as you rush from deal to deal, and you won’t be able to carry it for all your shopping by the end of the day.

4) Have your phone charged and at the ready

Make sure you have your mobile charged and available. Some of the sales items you may come across may not really be the amazing deals they are marketed as. A quick search online and you’ll be able to sort the wheat from the chaff.

5) Plan what you need to buy in advance

Like any well-executed mission, planning is everything, and savvy shoppers need a savvy game plan. Make a list of your must-haves and nice-to-haves and stick rigidly to it. Sure, that all-singing, all dancing designer diaper bag may seem like a super bargain, but if you’ve already got one at home, you’ll be wasting your cash. A quick list of everything you really need will help you steer clear of the junk, stop you from freaking out over all the choices and help you focus on the best bargains in the areas you want. If you’re planning for a new arrival, our checklist for a newborn baby and diaper bag checklist may be right up your street.

Many baby fairs now publish floor plans of all the sales booths on their website in advance of the big event. Download a copy and plan out your shopping trip to the letter.

6) Mentally prepare yourself

Baby fair in singapore at Suntec city

Expect nothing short of mayhem. Singapore may be a country of well-mannered, polite citizens but once those baby fair doors open, it’s every wo(man) for him/herself and any rules are strewn firmly out the window. Don’t expect a relaxing flounce around the sales aisles, expect mayhem.

7) Go it alone

Tempted as you may be to make it a girl’s afternoon of browsing and shopping, very few people get any type of social enjoyment out of the average Singapore baby fair. The majority of people at these events are serious bargain hunters in search of serious deals. There’s no time for chit chat. Ditch any hangers on and focus on what you need to get out of the event.

8) Stay home

If you can’t face frenzied shoppers, mile-long queues and irate bargain hunters (and who would blame you), check out the baby fair presales. Many of the baby fair organisers now offer massive presales in advance of the big event, with savings of up to 80%. So while everyone else is battling it out at the convention center, you can put up your feet and count your cash.

Have you got any top tips for surviving a baby fair in Singapore? Do share!

Feel armed and ready to go? Check out our guide to baby fairs in Singapore 2016.


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