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A Revenge-Intent Father Suffocates his Son in a Premeditated Fashion: Is This Justice?

A Revenge-Intent Father Suffocates his Son in a Premeditated Fashion: Is This Justice?

On 5th October, 2015, high-flying fund manager Philippe Graffart fed five-year-old Keryan Graffart an insomnia tablet, and calmly read his son two bedtime stories before placing a pillow over his head and watching as the life slipped away from this innocent boy.

Justice for Keryan

Hours earlier, he had told his solicitor “I want to … end this nightmare. I cannot change the past but I can change the future,” before searching the Internet on how long it would take to suffocate someone and whether it was possible to survive a car crash at 150 km/h. 

What nightmare did Graffart want to end?

According to the Singapore Straits Times, Graffart and his wife were undergoing divorce proceedings. The couple had separated in 2014 and had initially agreed to joint custody. However, Gwendoline Graffart was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2015 and wanted to return to France with full custody of Keryan to be with her family, the court heard on August 1st.

On the afternoon of 5 October, Graffart received an affidavit pertaining to care and custody proceedings and it contained transcripts of conversations between him and his wife that she had recorded. It seems that it is these transcripts that sparked the shocking events that followed.

An Act of Revenge?

According to Graffart, Keryan was not supposed to have died alone. “I’m going to join you,” he had told his now-dead child shortly after extinguishing the boy’s life.

Immediately following Keryan’s murder, he reportedly attempted to take his own life three times. First by driving his car into the wall of a tunnel, and then by jumping off his balcony and stabbing himself, the last two options he “decided against.”

Last week, Graffart accepted the Attorney General Chambers’ plea bargain offer to amend his murder charge to that of culpable homicide if he pleaded guilty. As such, he now faces a maximum of ten years in prison, caning, or a combination of both. Some people have speculated that he may serve as little as two years for this heinous crime.

You read that right: potentially just two years for suffocating an innocent child to death.

How is it that Graffart supposedly had the mental faculty to protect and save his own life when it came to facing the reality of jumping to his death, but was apparently relinquished of all responsibility when it came to protecting a child who had done nothing more than love him.

Justice for Keryan

I do not know the full facts of the case and I do not have the information that the prosecution had access to; however, I have heard a mourning mother’s pleas for justice and I would be doing exactly the same if I were in her shoes.

I, for one, cannot even bear to contemplate the pain Keryan’s mother, Gwendoline, is going through. If it wasn’t enough to lose your child in such a brutal, premeditated, and painful fashion, she now faces the anguish and torment of trying to secure some form of justice for her baby. 

Is the life of a five-year-old child really worth less than ten years’ in prison?

This week, Gwendoline is appealing to people throughout the world to help her secure justice for her son.

In an online petition that calls for the French government to take action, she tells of how the petition represents the last hope of a mum who has nothing more than her words left to try and honor the memory of her son and secure justice.

She describes Keryan as a “wonderful little cheerful boy, murdered at the age of 5 by his father.”

She expresses her anger at how Graffart has been saved a proper trial and describes how records of his violence, death threats, kidnapping threats, and the expedited protection order granted by the Singapore Family Court for her son and herself prior to the murder have been seemingly ignored by the prosecution.

Gwendoline describes Graffart as a “dangerous man, ready to anything to destroy me, who kept on telling me that the justice would not protect me… the same justice which was unable to protect my little one.” She concludes, “he sentenced me to live the worst pain ever.”

Gwendoline is now pleading for her country and its leaders to take action and get involved in the case so that her little boy can have some form of justice. She has published an online petition and is pleading for everyone to add their names to the list of people who would like to see justice for Keryan.

If you would like to lend your support, you can do so here: 

Justice for Keryan

The petition is written in French but you can add your signature in the right-hand boxes.

By signing this, you let a desperate mother know that she is not alone.

Rest in peace Keryan.



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