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How to Get Free Amazon Shipping to Singapore: An Idiot’s Guide

How to Get Free Amazon Shipping to Singapore: An Idiot’s Guide

How to get free Amazon shipping to Singapore at the click of a button!

Free Amazon shipping to Singapore

It’s no secret that the price of baby goods in Singapore is ludicrous in comparison to what lucky mamas and dadas sitting elsewhere on the globe are expected to pay. But luckily, you can now confine bad memories of feeling royally ripped off firmly to the past by taking advantage of free Amazon shipping to Singapore.

On face value, the offer of free shipping from the US to Singapore for all orders more than $125 seems straightforward, but when you get down to the nitty-gritty, it isn’t entirely a walk in the park.

However, you can fret not. If you want to take advantage of Amazon’s free shipping to Singapore to kit out your nursery and buy all the paraphernalia you need to keep baby healthy and happy, we’ve studied the system to produce a great guide to getting free delivery without your sweat or tears.

How to get Free Amazon Shipping to Singapore

Okay, first things first. Unfortunately, you can just choose any items you want, stick them in your basket, rack up a bill of $125 and get free shipping to Singapore. It isn’t quite that simple. Sadly, not all of Amazon’s products are eligible for free shipping to Singapore. To qualify:

1) You must spend at least $125 USD
2) The products must be sold and dispatched by Amazon
3) The products must be eligible for the AmazonGlobal program and must be eligible for free shipping (we’ll come to that shortly)
4) The total package weight must be under 20 pounds (9.07 kg)

So, here’s all the deets.

1) Set your default address to your Singapore delivery address

Log in to your Amazon account and visit Your account > Settings > Manage address. There, you can set your default address to your Singapore delivery address. 

2) Search for products that are eligible for AmazonGlobal and free international postage

Easy peasy… simply click on any of the links below and narrow down your search from there.

Baby products
Toys and games
Car seats
Nursery furniture
Nursery bedding
Nursery decor
Baby gear
Bathing and skin care
Baby and toddler toys
Baby gifts
Health and baby care
Potty training
Pregnancy and maternity
Strollers and accessories

If they don’t cover what you’re interested in, you can find a full list of all the categories sorted for free Amazon shipping to Singapore here: AmazonGlobal products.

If you want to search for a specific product, you will need to do the following:

a) Input the product you are searching for into the search bar below:

Search Amazon:


b) Tick the “Ship to Singapore” and “Free International Shipping” options

How to get free Amazon shipping to Singapore

3) Check your spend

To qualify for free Amazon shipping to Singapore, you need to rack up a bill of at least $125 USD. However, don’t forget that any goods imported into Singapore that exceed a value of S$200 are subject to tax. So, the aim here is to spend over $125 USD but under $400 SGD (around $280 USD) to avoid being hit with tax, which will negate any saving you get. If you want to buy a ton of stuff, simply process your purchases in separate orders, making sure each one is below $400 SGD (around $280 USD in total).

4) Check the product weight

Take a look at your basket and make sure you don’t have anything uber heavy in there. To qualify for free Amazon shipping to Singapore, the weight of the shipment must be below 20 pounds.

5) Pay

Pay the bill and you’re done. Amazon shipment from the US to Singapore can take anywhere from two to six weeks.

If you find something amiss, are quoted hefty shipping fees when you weren’t expecting them, or just want to try it on, contact Amazon customer service and ask for some help arranging free shipping. They have been known to waive shipping fees for many a grateful mama and dada!

Got any top tips for getting free Amazon shipping to Singapore? Do share!

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