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Great Taxi Car Seat Solutions for Toddlers About Town

Great Taxi Car Seat Solutions for Toddlers About Town

toddler car seats for taxis

Every mama and dada living in Singapore dreads that moment when bub outgrows his or her infant car seat and it’s no longer an option to swing baby from taxi to pushchair in one swift action. Getting your toddlers from A to B when you can no longer shoehorn them into a Maxi Cosi is somewhat of a dilemma. While it is perfectly legal to transport a toddler without a car seat in Singapore taxis, unfortunately taxis crash in exactly the same way as private cars, so some type of protection is a must.

Sadly, after just a bit of research, you’ll come to the conclusion that, unless you have the biceps to lug a toddler car seat around with you everywhere, there is no perfect solution on offer. However, there are some options that may leave you breathing just that little bit easier when taxi uncle runs a red light.

1) Take a car seat with you

One of the downsides to this option is that car seats are designed to protect your child in an accident. As such, they’re bulky, dense and heavy. While your toddler may happily sit in the seat while you saunter along Orchard Road for a short while, it will get uncomfortable… and hot!

Sit ‘n Stroll

picture of the sit and stroll

Let’s face it, you’re not going to win any awards for looking cool while pushing this beast around (oh, vanity!). However, it does have a number of advantages that shouldn’t be sniffed at.

• It’s FAA-rated, so you can use it on planes.
• Easy to belt into an impatient taxi uncle’s cab.
• Has a built-in sun canopy to protect bub from the Singapore sun.
• It offers a complete solution.

• Pretty difficult to negotiate curbs and bumps, which could prove to be a problem when you attempt to weave your way around the endless delivery trucks, taxis and trucks parked across the sidewalk.
• It’s clunky and wide, which can make it difficult to push down supermarket aisles.
• It can be pretty heavy to collapse/raise the seat with the toddler sat in it.

Buy it: $388 from

Coccoro Combi

Picture of the coccoro combi

The Coccoro Combi is a firm fave with many urban mamas and it does seem to be one of the best options available. You can pair the Coccoro Combi with the Mountain Buggy Nano, Baby Trend Snap and Go, Graco Edit Stroller, among others, to create a portable travel solutions that ticks most of the boxes.

• Solid and robust.
• It fits in quite a lot of different strollers.
• It’s easy to install in the taxi.
• Rear facing for kids weighing up to 33 lbs.
• It’s relative lightweight.
• Can use from birth with the insert.

• Can be awkward to carry without a handle/additional strap.
• Does not work with all pushchairs so you will need to check compatibility first.

Buy it: $359 from First Few Years.

By the way: In 2014, Combi issued a recall on models that had been produced between January 6, 2009 and December 5, 2012. If you do go for this option, make sure you choose a post-2012 model.


Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Seat

Picture of the Orbit baby G3

This is a premium car seat product that doesn’t seem to be massively popular in Singapore (probably because of the price tag). However, it does offer a good solution to the taxi issue here on the Red Dot and is worthy of serious consideration if you have the cash to splash.

• Can be used from birth with newborn insert.
• Slightly more aesthetically pleasing than some of the alternatives.
• You can rotate the seat so it’s easier to get your little one in and out of the taxi.
• It incorporates clean fabric that is certified to be free of chemicals.

• Very expensive for the whole caboodle.
• It’s quite difficult to open and close, you need both hands and this can be slightly challenging with a toddler in tow.
• Does not have a built-in sunshade, although you can purchase one separately.
• Pretty heavy and difficult to push around.

Buy it: The seat costs $449.10 and the stroller base is $899.10 from Pupsik Studio. Additional accessories are available at equally hefty prices.


Diono Radian RXT 80 Folding Car Seat

Diono Radian RXT 80 Folding Car Seat

What makes this one special is the fact that it folds up into a neat backpack, meaning you can take your regular pushchair and bubster doesn’t need to ride around town in a hot and sweaty car seat. It’s a great all-round seat; the only downside is that it’s on the heavy side.

• Rear facing, front facing and booster options.
• Can be used from newborn right through to the age of 8.
• Folds up into a backpack (if you purchase the additional strap).
• FAA approved for use on flights.
• Fully steel framed to offer additional protection.

• Can be complicated to get your head around the installation.
• It’s quite heavy to carry around (24 pounds).

Buy it: $233.99 from Amazon US.


Go-Go Babyz Travelmate


The go-go Babyz Travelmate is a nifty trolley that attaches to most standard baby and toddler car seats. Easy to store and pretty lightweight to push around, it provides a relatively simple way of taking your existing car seat with you when you’re out and about.


• Can be used for both toddler and infant seats.
• Handy for use in airports.
• Easy to use.
• Compatible with a range of different car seats.
• Weighs only 5lbs (plus weight of car seat).
• Easy to store when not is use.

• It can be quite time consuming to attach the baby seat to the trolley.
• It can fall over easily if you are not holding onto the handle properly.

Buy it: $74.01 from Amazon US.



2) Use a travel harness

To use this option, you’re going to need a toddler who is happy to sit still in an upright position by themselves (do these bubs exist?). However, the concept appeals because it saves you from having to lug a heavy car seat around in the searing Singer’s heat.

RideSafer Travel Vest

ridesafer travel vest

The RideSafer travel may look like something out of a construction clothing catalogue but it is very popular with the taxi-going toddler set in Singapore and it does offer a fairly good overall solution to the car seat woes.

• This is a vest, so you can put it on your child while you flag down the taxi, and then jump in and buckle up.
• Very easy to carry around while you saunter around Singapore.
• Version 2 can be used with both a lap-only belt and a lap-shoulder belt, so you can sit you tot in any of the back seats of the taxi.

• Only suitable for children over the age of three or of the minimum weight of 13.2 kg. Some parents have reportedly used it on younger/smaller toddlers but this is against manufacturer’s recommendations.
• It takes a few minutes to install in the taxi.
• Doesn’t offer the same level of protection as a full car seat.
• Hasn’t been fully tested by an external authority. Version 2 has been “self-certified” to meet US safety standards and Version 3 has no certification.

Buy it: You can purchase them from an affiliate site in Singapore: RideSafer Travel Vest Singapore. They are also available for $159 US from Amazon.


3) Hire a Singapore taxi with a car seat

Unfortunately, you’re going to pay through the nose for this option; however, it will solve all your problems. You will almost certainly need to book in advance and, when you do, you will need to make sure you provide details of your child’s weight and height to make sure you get the appropriate car seat.

Whatever option you run with, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and don’t take it upon yourself to make modifications to any devices/seats.


4) Do not baby wear in taxis

One last word… If, like me, you have used a child carrier to get baby from A to B in the past, a video that was recently shared by The Car Seat Lady may make you think twice.

Have we missed any fantastic taxi car seat solutions for toddlers off our list? If you’ve got any great ideas, please leave a comment and share them with us.

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