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What’s it Really Like to Have a Confinement Lady? A Confinement Nanny Review

What’s it Really Like to Have a Confinement Lady? A Confinement Nanny Review

If you’re contemplating having a confinement lady but are not sure what to expect, this confinement nanny review gives you the full low down on what the first few weeks with a confinement nanny are really like.

Confinement lady review

Is confinement all it’s cracked up to be? And what’s it really like having an Aunty breathing down your neck during your first few days with bub? When Xulin Foo contacted us and offered to give us the lowdown on her confinement lady, we simply had to hear more. Her experiences with her confinement nanny proved to exceed expectations, here’s why.

Confinement Lady Review

Name of Confinement Lady: Jenny Low
Age: 55
Location: Based in KL but happy to travel. Aunty Jenny has worked with new mamas in Singapore, KL, Australia, Hong Kong, Germany and the UK.
Experience: 11 years

Picture of Jenny Low Siew Chin

What were the first few hours with your confinement lady like?

As soon as Aunty Jenny arrived in my home after her 12-hour flight, she got to work, organising foodstuff and herbs she brought personally from Malaysia (she did not charge me for them). I went into labour the night that she arrived and, during my stay in hospital, Aunty Jenny cooked for my husband and I so that we could have home-cooked food in hospital.

In what ways did your confinement lady help you?

Being a new mum, it was a tedious task to learn breastfeeding. Aunty Jenny helped with my breast engorgement  by massaging, and she also offered a lot of advice about

what to expect in the next few weeks. She would burp and change my baby after night feeds so that I could go back to bed. She ensured I had red date tea each time I was feeding, and encouraged me to rest when I could.

We’ve heard plenty of horror stories about confinement ladies being too rigid and stubborn. How did you find Aunty Jenny?

Fear not if you have Aunty Jenny! She is very modern and open-minded, and if there are certain practices you don’t intend to follow, she will be absolutely fine with it. I washed my hair on day four (I wasn’t going to last to 40 days). I voluntarily showered with some herbs I got (on day three), and she was happy to boil that for me. I could wear what I liked (as opposed to the traditional long sleeves and socks). I could have gone out of the house after week 3, but I chose not to. 

How much did Aunty Jenny help with the baby?

Aunty Jenny was fantastic with the baby. She was gentle and very patient with him, and was able to calm him down with her Cantonese baby-chat. She was very diligent with changing nappies, and meticulous with applying nappy cream and QV cream after baths. After my confinement period, she started doing the night feeds with expressed milk so that my husband and I both sleep through the night.

Picture of Jenny Low Siew Chin with family

Did you find it a bit strange having an extra person around during your special first few days with baby?

Not at all. Aunty Jenny understood the need for my husband and I to spend time together, so she gave us space and encouraged us to go out while she looked after baby at home.

What was the food like?


Aunty Jenny’s cooking was awesome! In addition to cooking great confinement food, she also cooked local delicacies like nasi lemak, chicken rice and curry chicken. As I completed in confinement in London, she was an absolute godsend for us! We loved her marmite pork, fried chicken with smelly tofu, butter spare ribs, ma yau kai, lo mai fan, pork in vinegar, the list goes on. It felt like we were eating out every day! She was very happy to cook every meal for my family, in-laws and friends who came to visit. She was extremely organised, and would prepare her cooking ingredients in the early hours of the morning while we were asleep so that she would be ready when baby was up, yet be able to cook our meals on time. I was never hungry when she was around, and even put on weight during confinement!

Anything else you’d like to add?

My friends and family have commented on how healthy and relaxed my husband and I look despite having a new baby, and I credit this to Aunty Jenny. She has become a part of our family. I cannot recommend a more honest, reliable, uncalculating and trustworthy confinement lady to look after my baby. After having her, I wonder why people talk about “surviving confinement” as I enjoyed mine!

If you want to bag Jenny Low for the arrival of your little one, give her a call on +60136099588. If you would like to contact Xulin Foo  directly to hear more about her experiences with Aunty Jenny, please leave a comment and we’ll send you her email address.

Check out our guide to confinement nannies in Singapore. Alternatively, if you don’t want to go the whole hog and get a confinement lady but do want to sample all the benefits of confinement food, take a look at our guide to confinement food delivery services in Singapore.

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