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Confinement Food Delivery Services in Singapore

Confinement Food Delivery Services in Singapore

Confinement food delivery services are the perfect choice for new mamas who want the benefits of confinement food without having one extra woman in the house dishing out unsolicited advice about what’s best for bub.
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More and more catering companies in Singapore are offering post-natal meals on wheels that offer all the goodness of confinement nutrition without the mother-in-law hovering continually in the kitchen or a confinement nanny pointing out your clean hair has made you windy.

Here are a handful of confinement food delivery services to help you get your life as a new mama off on the right foot.

Confinement Food Delivery Services in Singapore


Thomson Medical Center Confinement Food

Thomson medical center confinement service logo

Thomson Medical Centre Confinement Food service is a reputable offering that has a long history of serving delicious, nutritious confinement fare to new mamas. Their in-house caterers can put together a traditional Chinese medicine confinement program that combines fresh ingredients with specialist herbs that will aid your full recovery. 

What’s on the menu? From homemade chicken essence through to braised pig’s trotters, their offerings are low in salt and fat yet packed full of goodness.

What’s the cost? Various packages are available and prices start from $488 for 7-day lunch or dinner.

Learn more: Thomson Medical Confinement Food Delivery


Natal Essentials Confinement Food Delivery Service

Picture of the natal essentials confinement logo

Operating since 2002, Natal Essentials have been preparing home-cooked nutritious confinement food for over 13 years. They have experience of catering to a wide variety of nutritional requirements and tastes and can prepare anything from black fungus in abalone toSheng Yu Soup. They guarantee that their food is MSG free and contains carefully selected fresh ingredients that will get you back to your pre-pregnancy self in no time.

What’s on the menu? Natal Essentials offer a massive range of 13 packages, including a fully customized menu. Package durations are anywhere from 1 to 28 days and can include lunch and dinner or dinner only.

What’s the cost? Prices range from $32.10 for a one-off trial or bespoke meal through to $1,699.16 for a 28-day lunch and dinner package.

Learn more: Natal Essentials Confinement Delivery Service


Rich Food Catering Confinement Meals

Rich food catering confinement meals logo

Established caterer Rich Foods offer a special confinement meal service consisting of a carefully planned menu that guarantees that mama receives the right amounts of nutrients and benefits during the confinement period. Their confinement menu combines traditional confinement faves with some dishes that have a contemporary twist.

What’s on the menu? The confinement meal dishes are carefully designed to blend the nutrients that a new mama needs with a range of textures and tastes that make every meal a culinary treat.

What’s the cost? Prices start from $29 for a trial meal. 7-day twin-meal packages or 14-day single-meal packages start from $379. An early-bird discount is available for mamas who book over 30 days in advance.

Learn more: Rich Food Confinement Meals


Chilli Padi Catering

chili padi confinement food logo

Chilli Padi’s confinement food services go beyond traditional confinement food alone. They place a specific focus on creating fusion dishes that appeal to the varied tastebuds of modern mamas. Through a combination of healthy, nutritious dishes and powerful Chinese herbs, they promise to deliver innovative meals that leave you revitalised and ready to face any challenges being a new mama will throw at you.

What’s on the menu? From Grilled Salmon Fillet with Mirin Sauce, to Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup & Shabu Shabu with XO wine, these fusion confinement dishes are low in salt and fat while also tasting fabulous. Best of all, they do not contain any MSG.

What’s the cost? Prices start from $447 for a 14-day single meal service.

Learn more: Chilli Padi Catering


YeYe Delights Confinement Food Delivery

Yeyeah Delight’s confinement meals are designed by a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner so you can rest assured you’re getting the nutrition you need to fully recover during your confinement period. Every single herb and ingredient has been specifically chosen to ensure that your dietary requirements following the birth of your child are fully met.

What’s on the menu? Each meal comes with two dishes, rice, red date drink and a nourishing herbal soup.

What’s the cost? Meal plans range from $288 for 7-day lunch or dinner.

Learn more: YeYe Delights Confinement Food


Do you have any experiences with confinement food delivery services in Singapore? Please tell all by leaving a comment below.

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