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Breastfeeding Support in Singapore The Ultimate Guide

Breastfeeding Support in Singapore The Ultimate Guide

Breastfeeding support in Singapore

Breastfeeding support in Singapore is a must for many new mamas because, quite frankly, breastfeeding is not quite the walk in the park so many of us are led to believe. You’ve probably had that old adage “breast is best” drummed into you a million times. But if breastfeeding is so natural, why do so many of us mums find it so freakin’ difficult (and painful)?

As it turns out, when it comes to breastfeeding support, Singapore is stacked. There may not be a Le Leche League per se, but our little Red Dot is jam-packed full of great lactation consultants, breastfeeding support groups and mama forums with experts and volunteers who are on hand and ready to swoop in and come to the rescue of a frustrated mama.

If you’re in search of a saviour of sore nipples, check out our guide to breastfeeding support services in Singapore.

Lactation Consultants in Singapore

Mother and Child

Mother and child has earned itself a solid reputation for being the go-to place for much-needed support and advice for new mums. Their lactation consultants come highly recommended and are able to visit you at your own home or in the hospital if you’re still at that stage where venturing into public with a baby in tow is a thought that doesn’t bear contemplating. In addition to offering one-on-one personal consultations, Mother and Child operate Singapore’s only breastfeeding café. There, you can meet up with other new mamas, access valuable breastfeeding help and support, and enjoy coffee and lactation cookies (which are surprisingly rather yummy).

When: Breastfeeding café is held every Monday from 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm. One-on-one sessions with a lactation consultant can be arranged throughout the week.
Where: Mother and Child, #03-11 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road, Singapore, 247933
Cost: $15 for the breastfeeding café. One-to-one breastfeeding consultations are charged at the rate of $90 per hour.
Get in touch: Phone: (65) 6836-0063; Email:
Learn more: Mother and Child Baby Cafe

ParentLink Breastfeeding Counselling and Postpartum Doula Support

ParentLink’s breastfeeding counsellors and postpartum doulas are fully trained to provide breastfeeding support and advice on a variety of issues. They can help you understand how breastfeeding works, find the right position for you and your baby, learn how to ensure bub has latched properly and, most importantly, feel confident you are doing a great job. They offer one-to-one in-home breastfeeding counselling or postpartum doula sessions at the standard rate of $95 an hour. Cheaper rates are available if you sign up for a package, as too is phone support.

When: Sessions with a lactation consultant can be arranged throughout the week.
Where: At your home or in the hospital.
Cost: Standard sessions at $95 an hour. Phone support is also available at $75 an hour. Weekend and holiday surcharge of an additional 10%. A range of packages is available:

  • 5 hours for $450
  • 8 hours for $685
  • 10 hours for $855

Get in touch: Phone: Angelyn at +65 6536-4626; Email:
Learn more: ParentLink Breastfeeding Counselling

Joyful Parenting and Breastfeeding (by the Family Life Society)

If you’re looking for guidance, help and support as a new mama (for any issue, breastfeeding related or not), Joyful Parenting is a fabulous resource that is operated by a fantastic army of experienced mums, volunteers and family educators. Some of their members are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) qualified nurses, homemakers and have vast experience in solving breastfeeding mama’s woes. They are ready and waiting at the end of the phone line.

When: Phone line available Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.
Cost: Free
Get in touch: Phone: 64880286 or 64880278
Learn more: Joyful Parenting

Breastfeeding Mother’s Support Group

The Breastfeeding Mother’s Support Group (BMSG) operates a breastfeeding counselling service through volunteer breastfeeding counsellors who are typically experienced breastfeeding mamas who have been there done that. They offer a range of different counselling services, including one-to-one and group sessions. All the group’s volunteers have been accredited by the BMSG and have completed a comprehensive breastfeeding counsellor training program. BMSG also run a range f breastfeeding-orientated workshops and talks throughout the year.

When: There are counsellors available throughout office hours. Out of office hours, callers may leave a voice message and someone will respond within 24hrs. The helpline number is 63393558. Email counselling available at
Cost: Free
Get in touch: Phone: 6339 3558; Email counselling available at; General Email enquiries:
Learn more:

Private Lactation Consultants

  • KW Chew. Tel: 9815 8283
  • Doris Fok. Tel: 9638 7660
  • Amy Hoyt. Tel: 9807 4877
  • Christina Kwek. Tel: 9367 9293
  • Betty Lee. Tel: 9833 0170

Hospital-based Lactation Consultants

  • National University Hospital. Tel: 9722 0376
  • Singapore General Hospital. Tel: 6326 5926
  • KKH. Ask-A-Nurse: 1900-556 8773 (8am – 12 midnight); Lactation Clinic: 6293 4044 (office hours) Tel: 6225 5554.
  • Mt Elizabeth Hospital. Tel: 6731 2180/82
  • Mt Alvernia Hospital. Tel: 6347 6641; Email:
  • Gleneagles Hospital. Tel: 6470 5852
  • Thomson Medical Centre. Tel: 6251 4090
  • Raffles Hospital. Tel: 6311 1516/7

Online Groups and Forums

If you don’t want to go the whole hog and arrange one-on-one sessions with a lactation consultant but think you could benefit from some help and advice, there are some great breastfeeding support groups and forums available in Singapore. Check out the following fab resources for mums in need.

Know of any great breastfeeding support services that we have missed? Drop us a line and let us know.

At the end of your tether mama?

Give yourself a break and arm yourself with all the help, guidance and advice you need to make life with a baby the joy it should be. Join our family now and we’ll ensure you are regularly informed of the great services that are out there to make looking after bub that little bit easier.

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  1. I Know a breastfeeding support services that you have missed.

    traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) breastfeeding massage can boost milk supply.

    I recommend TCM Physician Ms Shana.
    She is a TCM Lactation consultant too.

    It is strongly recommend that you make an appointment before going to her clinic.

    Her clinic number is 6280 3467 or 9 864 864 7.

    The Promenade at Pelikat
    183 Jalan Pelikat #01-84, S537643
    Near Lift Lobby 3 at Level 1.


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