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10 Great Baby Sleep Experts in Singapore

10 Great Baby Sleep Experts in Singapore

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Baby sleep experts are unsurprisingly in high demand in Singapore. Yep, many of us have been there…. Fully signed up members of the Wide Awake Club desperately searching for the elusive “my-baby/toddler-sleeps-through-the-night” scenario that so many mamas like to brag about.

Sleep training books are all well and good, but sometimes a sleep-deprived parent needs an actual real-life person to swoop in and save the day. Here are 10 experts who can talk you off the sleep-deprived ledge and help you soothe a sleep-resistant baby without implementing methods that involve joining the Gina Ford-style school of bad parenting. One call to these gurus may be all it takes to get baby off to the Land of Nod and your life back on track.

Baby Sleep Experts in Singapore

Sleep Solutions for Babies

Sleep Solutions for Babies is run by Jacki Roche, a qualified midwife and registered health visitor who has over twenty years’ experience working with children. Jacki offers home consultations for bedraggled parents who have difficulty getting their little ones to sleep, and can offer expert help and advice for kiddos right up to the age of four years old. The initial consultation usually lasts 1-5-2 hours and includes email/ message support and a follow up phone call (usually a week after the plan of action is implemented).

Cry it out? Jacki offers different approaches that are tailored to the parent’s desires, expectations and needs.

Cost of a good night’s sleep? $200 dollars for weekday consultations. Fee includes email support and follow-up phone call.

Get in touch:


Calmer Kids is owned and operated by Nicole Booth, a certified sleep consultant and registered nurse. Having being personally trained by Dana Obleman, a world-renowned baby sleep specialist and creator of the Sleep Sense Program, Nicole is an expert in the sleep methods that have helped to secure a good night’s sleep for over 30,000 families around the world. Nicole typically starts the sleep training process with a telephone consultation before working with mama and dada to develop a two-week improvement plan. Visit the Calmer Kids website today and download a free copy of their useful pamphlet “The Five Steps To Getting Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night.”

Cry it out? Nicole openly states that some crying can be expected. However, she stresses: “I will never ask you to leave your child to cry alone, nor will I ask you to ignore their cries. The reason that the child Sleep Sense™ Method is so effective, is because it lets you develop a sleep training plan that you feel comfortable with, based on what you know about your child.”

Cost of a good night’s sleep? Private consultations start from $200 for telephone support to $300 for in-home assistance.

Get in touch: Call Nicole on +65 8322 3302

Four Trimesters Sleep Doula Service (NO LONGER ACTIVE)

Four Trimesters offer a sleep consultation service that is run by their in-house sleep doula Constance Chiang. Constance is an IMI certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant. Constance believes that a good night’s sleep starts with the parents and tailors her advice and education to support your personal situation.

You can start your journey with your sleep doula with a free phone consultation before progressing to face-to-face a la carte consultations or even full-on sleep training packages.

Cry it out? No. But expect some protest.

Cost of a good night’s sleep? First consultation (home): $200 (up to 2 hours). Follow-up consultation (home): $150 (1-1.5hrs). First consultation (phone/Skype): $120 (1 hour). Follow-up consultation (phone/Skype): $80 (up to 1 hour).

Get in touch: Phone: +65 9475 1585/Email:

Singapore Supernanny

Singapore’s answer to Jo Frost, Zoe Chu is a baby sleep training guru who offers a range of services that are designed to help parents overcome their little one’s sleep problems. Having experienced the joys of sleepless nights herself first hand, Zoe knows only too well the vicious cycle that is sleep deprivation. Zoe offers personalised, one-on-one assistance that is tailored to your unique situation. She is there to support you throughout the process and promises that the sleep your baby needs is not far away.

Cry it out? Some crying is to be expected, but Zoe does not support leaving baby unattended to cry alone as part of her sleep training approach.

Cost of a good night’s sleep? Rates start from $75 for a 30-minute telephone consultation through to $549 for a comprehensive toddler sleep consultation package.

Get in touch: Call Zoe on +65 9238 8060 or email her at

Blue House Nursery Sleep Management for Babies and Children

Shona Sanosi, founder of the Blue House Nursery, also offers her expertise in childhood development and parenting to mamas in need. A fully qualified nanny with years of experience in professional childcare, Shona may be just the person to banish your sleep woes once and for all. Shona takes a holistic approach to sleep training that involves analyzing bub’s entire day to gain an understanding of events and routines that may be impacting sleep patterns.

Cry it out? No, Shona’s approach aims at finding the route cause of bub’s sleeping difficulties as opposed to training kiddies to self soothe.

Cost of a good night’s sleep? Shona charges an hourly rate of around $125 SGD.

Get in touch:  Email or call +65 90361663

Baby Sleep Fairy

The Baby Sleep Fairy, aka Tammy Fontana, provides desperate mamas and dadas help with a comprehensive range of different sleep issues, from early-morning wakening through to reluctant daytime nappers. Whatever your sleep issue is, Tammy has likely been there, done that, and will be ready and willing to offer you some expert advice and assistance. Tammy prescribes to the school of thought that the majority of sleep issues actually lay with the parents as opposed to bub, and therefore concentrates her efforts on changing the parent’s behavior.

Cry it Out? Tammy states: “sometimes some fussing or crying is unavoidable due to the child’s personality, amount of sleep deprivation or issues we are tackling. Even methods that promise “no-cry” are really low cry solutions with fussing.”

What’s the cost? A 90-minute consultation in Tammy’s office or via phone or Skype is $200 SGD.

Get in touch: EmaiL: phone: +65 9030 7239 (Preferably SMS)


If you don’t want to go the whole hog and hire a sleep consultant, Dr. Natalie Epton at IMC and Cornelia from Conscious Parenting come highly recommended as sources of useful help and advice on sleep-related bub problems.

Overseas Sleep Experts

sleep like a baby?

In addition to the expert help you can get right here on the Red Dot, you can also look a little further afield for great advice via Skype, phone and email.

Here’s our lowdown on some of the best overseas sleep experts out there.

Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Based in the UK, Sarah Ockwell-Smith is a well-known parenting expert who has developed a strong reputation in the field of baby sleep training and gentle parenting attachment theory. Having authored a couple of books and developed a number of proven methodologies, Sarah is well placed to give a sleep-deprived mama much needed help and advice. Sarah offers parenting support services to parents in Singapore via email or phone.

Cost of a good night’s sleep? Sarah offers two basic plans to overseas customers: Two weeks unlimited email support for around $200 SGD, or a one-hour telephone conversation for $200 SGD.

Cry it out? No. Sarah does not support or believe in the concept of self-soothing.

Get in touch: Check out the Services for Parents section on her website to identify the best means of contacting Sarah.

Sleep Champ Baby

Sleep Champ Baby is operated by Sarah Ong, a maternity and child sleep consultant who aims to help parents understand their child and develop good sleep habits that will sustain. Sarah received her sleep training program and certification as a Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant from the International Maternity Institute in California, USA and she is the first and currently only certified baby sleep expert in Malaysia.

Sarah can offer Singapore mamas and dadas Skype consultations with email support and personalised sleep plans.

Cost of a good night’s sleep? Contact Sarah for latest rates.

Cry it out? No. Although Sarah does openly state that some tears and protest is a natural part of the process.

Get in touch: Drop Sarah a line at:

Infant Sleep Resources

Deborah Taylor is a Hong-Kong based baby sleep expert who offers sleep training via email, phone or Skype to overseas customers. She has a range of packages on offer to suit all needs.

Cry it out? Deborah does not believe that CIO is necessary to achieving a good night’s sleep.

Cost of a good night’s sleep? Packages start from $1,200 HKD (around $200 SGD) for email support through to $2,900 HKD (around $475) for Skype/phone support.

Get in touch:

Caroline’s Angels

Caroline’s Angels are baby sleep experts who are based in Western Australia but have provided assistance to many a desperate Singapore-side mama and dada. Operated by Caroline and Caroline, the ladies have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in child heath nursing and can offer a variety of solutions to many sleep-related issues.

Cost of a good night’s sleep? Rates range from $39 AUD for a one-off email consultation through to $275 AUD for a comprehensive email/Skype support package and sleep plan.

Get in touch:


At the end of your tether mama?

Give yourself a break and arm yourself with all the help, guidance and advice you need to make life with a baby the joy it should be. Join our family now and we’ll ensure you are regularly informed of the great services that are out there to make looking after bub that little bit easier.

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