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The 10 Most Affordable Preschools in Central Singapore

The 10 Most Affordable Preschools in Central Singapore

Looking for affordable preschools in central Singapore? Try these!
the most affordable preschools

Doesn’t it go by in the blink of an eye? One minute you’re nervously bringing bub home for the first time, the next you’re packing your baby Einstein off to preschool, name labels in hand, ready for life’s next adventure. If all that isn’t enough, preschool comes at a price… a hefty one at that and you’re going to want to get maximum bang for your buck.

 Now, preschool in Singapore is never going to be cheap, but some options are just that little bit more affordable than others. To help you in your quest to find a preschool that won’t break the bank, we have been through the stats, crunched the numbers and generally done your homework for you to bring you a summary of the 10 most affordable preschools in Singapore that are located in the center of town.

 (Please note: all full-day fees shown below are the monthly costs, as last updated with the ECDA. Please also check directly with the operator).

The 10 Most Affordable Preschools in Central Singapore

My First Skool

my forst skool

My First Skool at Tanjong Pagar Plaza is a SPARK-certified nursery and preschool that caters for children aged between 18 months and 6 years.

Describe themselves as:  My First Skool (MFS) is the pioneer childcare arm of NTUC (National Trades Union Congress) First Campus Co-operative Limited. It was established as NTUC Childcare in 1977 and became a co-operative in 1992. Operating mainly at void decks of housing estates, MFS provides quality and affordable childcare service that is accessible to parents. 
Vision: A joyful and inspiring early learning experience for all, that fulfils the promise of each child.
Mission: Making quality early childhood care and education services affordable and accessible to families.

Age groups: PG, N1, N2, K1, K2, Infant

Additional information: SPARK certified
Child full-day fee: Fees vary according to citizenship. From $743.12

Read more: My First Skool Tanjong


Ichiban Montessori Childcare Centre (Purvis)


Ichiban Montessori Group has been appointed one of ECDA’s Partner Operators for affordable preschools in central Singapore. This means that it is committed to keeping school fees affordable for Singapore Citizens while also raising the quality of the preschool programmes on offer.

Describe themselves as:  At Ichiban Montessori, we offer an integrated curriculum that combines the Montessori methods and other proven practices. This holistic framework gives every child many opportunities to develop their potential as they grow to become confident, helpful, independent, responsible and polite individuals. We believe that a thorough grounding in all areas of our curriculum will also provide a strong foundation to facilitate the child’s easy entry into Primary One and an appreciation for life-long learning.

Vision:  Nurture love for learning in the child through a stimulating environment and an integrated curriculum.
Mission: Provide a wide variety of meaningful experiences for the child to interact and make sense of the surrounding world. To include our ‘Chirp’ values (Confidence, Helpfulness, Independence, Responsibility, Politeness).

Age groups: From infant care to student care.

Additional information:  SPARK certified.
Child full-day fee: From $800.

Read more: Ichiban Montessori Childcare Centre (Purvis)


Little Skool-House International

little skool house

The Little Skool-House International at OCBC Centre is a workplace nursery, therefore priority is given to OCBC staff. Little Skool-House International operates other preschools in Singapore in the central region, at Outram and River Valley, but they are considerably more expensive.

Describe themselves as: a haven to seek, discover and explore! Where discovery is interweaved with secure attachment and the appreciation of the world we live in! Where every experience is celebrated in the lives of both children and adults! 
Vision: We nurture and support each child to fulfill his or her potential.

Age groups:  PG, N1, N2, K1, K2, Infant

Additional information:  SPARK Certified
Child full-day fee: $824

Read more: Little Skool-House International


Agape Little Uni at Cecil


Agape Little Uni at Cecil concentrates on a story-based teaching method that seeks to stimulate children’s thinking, instil values and improve language literacy.

Describe themselves as:  Being a prestigious child care provider, we endeavour to provide our parents and children with professional and high quality services. All of our Agape Little Uni. staff are highly trained, committed and passionate toward early childhood education.We strive to provide stimulating, interesting curriculum and activities to the children under our care.
Vision: Agape Little Uni. aspires to be the centre of excellence for character development and learning, with love as the core foundation for all approaches, curriculum, and services. We are in the business of building firm foundations in children to prepare them for success in life. 
Mission:  We teach a spirit of kindness to foster love in the heart.

Age groups:  PG, N1, N2, K1, K2, Infant

Additional information:  SPARK certified.
Child full-day fee: From $856 inc. GST

Read more: Agape Little Uni @ Cecil


Star Learners @ Tanjong Pagar

star learn

Star Learners operates a curriculum that is based on the philosophy of building confident, creative children who have character. The Star Learners’ curriculum is play-based and seeks to engage learning with a literature-based approach. Meaningful connections are made through integrated learning whereby children develop in holistic manner.

Describe themselves as:  We believe character development to be the cornerstone of successful education, we invest in creating programmes that will bring out your child’s best character. We also believe education should be fun, exciting and engaging. Our programmes are play and literature-based, developing children in a holistic manner.
Vision: We aim to ensure that children who come to our centre develop in an all-rounded manner.
Mission:  Build confident children who display competence in their abilities.
Provide opportunities for children to enhance their creative thinking and curiosity about the world around them.
Educate children to possess strength of character to know and choose right from wrong.

Age groups:  PG, N1, N2, K1, K2, Infant

Additional information:  SPARK certified.
Child full-day fee: From $856 inc. GST

Read more: Star Learners @ Tanjong Pagar


Life Child Care Centre

life childcare

The preschool curriculum in use at the Life Child Care Centre was adapted from the Ministry of Education ‘Nurturing Early Learners’ guide and ‘I teach’. It is focussed on assisting children to gain both academic skills, such as reading, writing and numeracy skills, and broader cognitive skills such as the ability to ask questions, think critically and solve problems.

Describe themselves as:  We make every effort to develop open and supportive relationship with parents and guardians. Together with you as our partners, we strive to maintain continuity between the school and the home for the benefit of our children’s learning and development.
Vision: A Preschool for active learners with inquiring minds.
Mission:  The intent of our early childhood program is to stimulate creativity, curiosity and interest in learning, which will continue beyond the preschool years.

Age groups:  PG, N1, N2, K1, K2, Infant

Child full-day fee: From $1091.4 inc. GST

Read more: Life Child Care Centre


Sam’s Early Learning Centre

This is quite a small school just off River Valley Rd and they are one the few preschools in Singapore that have no website at all, but they have been around for a long time, approximately 20 years. The feedback in the online forums seems to be generally positive with a focus on play in the early years and even the expat kids learning Chinese. Things get more academic as the kids move towards entry into primary school.
Age groups:  PG, N1, N2, K1, K2, Infant
Child full-day fee: $1,100

Read more: Sam’s Early Learning Centre


Columbia Junior Academy

Columbia Logo

Established in 1996 with a vision of providing excellent education and care to students. While the infant care program focus on quality and reliable care for bubs 2 to 18 months of age, the junior program is literacy focussed, balancing academic excellence with learning through play.

Describe themselves as: . Our main emphasis is on the developing years of the child, from 2 months to 12 years. We have a variety of programmes to help the child achieve his full potential in academics, social skills, creativity as well as critical thinking.

Vision: Our philosophy is to help develop the fullest potential of the children under our care by providing them with a conducive and safe learning environment with qualified and experienced teachers and a small teacher to pupil ratio is maintained to ensure individual guidance and attention

Age groups:  PG, N1, N2, K1, K2, Infant

Additional information:  Columbia Academy have a babies programme for bubs from as young as 2 months.
Child full-day fee: $1,235

Read more: Columbia Junior Academy


Kids Campus at Tanjong Pagar

lids campus

A new website is currently under construction so it is best to contact them directly for more information.  In the meantime you can find the monthly fees and age group information below.

Age groups:  PG, N1, N2, K1, K2, Infant

Child full-day fee: $1,300

Read more:Kids Campus at Tanjong Pagar


Genius Hive Preschool

genius hive

Genius Hive an ECDA partner operator that provide full day services for babies from 2 month of age, with a teacher to child ratio of 1:3 for the little bubs. 

Describe themselves as:  Genius Hive Pre-School is an infant and child-care center that sets out to make a difference in children’s lives. We consist of a dedicated team of personnel with a vision to use “know-how” to implement ideas and make a difference to the childcare environment.
Vision: Happy school, active learners
Mission:  To provide a care and learning centre in nurturing great minds. 

Age groups: PG, N1, N2, K1, K2, Infant

Child full-day fee: $1,348

Read more: Genius Hive Preschool


Do you know of any affordable preschools in Singapore?

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